New to Sunshine Park Fitness! An exciting workout done on a surf board. Dive in and jump on board!


4 Signature Programs:

  • Balance – great introduction to the surf board. Improve your balance, work on core strength, flexibility and body control.
  • Burn – work up a sweat in the high calorie burn class with high intensity intervals with balance work.
  • Build – bodyweight and resistance circuit training with balance work
  • Blend – a combination of all the classes in one – burn, build and balance.

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Surfset® Classes Offered:

  • Adult Co-Ed – Ages 16+
  • Surfset® Teen – ages 10-15
  • Surfset® Junior – ages 6-9
  • Surfset® Mini – ages 3-6

 Private Classes, Birthday Parties and Corporate Parties:

  • Groups of 10-20
  • All ages
  • Length of time: 45min-2hours
  • Pricing: please email for a quote

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